Simulation of the zero interest loan plus 2019: immediate estimate!

2019 simulation: what is PTZ +?

The Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) is a state-assisted loan.

It is a 0% real estate loan, free of charge and without interest, allocated under means conditions, depending on the nature of the property and its location.

It is open to first-time buyers, ie people who have not owned their principal residence in the two years preceding the loan offer.

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PTZ 2019 conditions: who is entitled to a zero interest loan?


To qualify for the zero-rated mortgage , your resources must not exceed a certain amount , which depends on the composition of your home, as well as where you want to buy.

Our PTZ simulator takes this data into account to give you the amount you have the right to borrow with this credit.

Housing intended to be purchased with the support of zero-rated housing credit may be new or old with work. It must become your main home no later than 1 year after the completion of the work, or after the purchase.

Good to know

Considered as a personal contribution, the PTZ can not be used to finance your entire purchase. It is used in supplementary loan to a main bank loan.

How to get the loan at zero rate?

To obtain a zero interest loan, you can go to a mortgage broker. You will be able to know if you are entitled or not to a PTZ, according to your resources, your solvency, and your guarantees. He will guide you to a bank that has signed an agreement with the State.

Good to know

If you sell your home to buy another home, you have the option to transfer your loan at zero rate. The transfer will then relate only to the outstanding capital. Again, do not hesitate to use the services of a broker, who can help you choose the best option to carry your project.

2019 PTZ Simulation: How to use our calculator?


To carry out your zero interest rate + 2019 simulation, you must indicate several elements relating to:

  • Your situation: your annual tax income and the composition of your home.
  • Your project: the nature of your purchase, price, location, your contribution as well as the amount of work if you want to achieve.

Our PTZ calculator will then tell you how much you will be able to borrow via this device if you are eligible for the zero interest mortgage.

Simulation of the zero interest loan 2019: ceiling of the operation retained

Simulation of the zero interest loan 2019: ceiling of the operation retained

Depending on the area in which the property you want to buy is located, a certain ceiling is retained, on which the amount of the PTZ will be calculated.

FYI, for the calculation of the PTZ 2019, the zones are as follows:

  • Zone PTZ A and A bis: Paris and its suburbs
  • PTZ zone B1: large French cities (> 250 000 inhabitants), some coastal towns and Corsica, the DOM
  • Zone PTZ B2: municipalities between 50 000 and 250 000 inhabitants
  • PTZ zone C: rest of the territory.

Calculation of the zero rate loan: how to complete your PTZ + to buy?

Zero-rate real estate credit can not be used alone to buy real estate. It must therefore be supplemented by other loans, and / or by a personal contribution.

Here are the types of loans that can complement the zero-rated mortgage:

  • Social Accession Loan (PAS): offered by some banks that have signed an agreement with the State, it allows families with low incomes to access property.
  • Contracted Loan (PC): It works in the same way as SAP, and can finance the entire purchase or construction of your home.
  • Classic bank credit.
  • Housing Savings Loan (PEL): this is a type of savings that can be used to obtain a loan at a preferred rate.
  • Other supplementary loans: housing loans, loans from “local authorities”, loans to civil servants, loans from supplementary pension funds and mutual funds, etc.