Loan for civil servants: 15 Advantages and Disadvantages Highlighted

Are you an official or semi-official? Then you qualify for a government loan with an extra low interest rate. Research has shown that officials have their financial household in better order. This gives them a preferential arrangement with lower interest costs.

In the Netherlands you can take out a civil servant loan with Frisia, among others. This loan broker provides expert advice based on your personal financial situation, and can offer you an extra low interest rate as a civil servant.

If you make a request, you will hear within a few hours what options there are for you. If you make a choice from this, a no-obligation quote will follow via e-mail and / or post.

Who can apply for a civil servant loan?

 Who can apply for a civil servant loan?

More than 1 million civil servants work in the Netherlands. Because of the lower interest rates, a civil servant loan is interesting for these people. Due to the conditions, this loan is not for everyone alone.

In principle, only people working in the public sector can apply for this loan. Below is a list of people who are eligible for a civil servant loan.

These are people who work at:

  • The water board
  • The education
  • The municipality
  • Government
  • The province
  • The police
  • The care

It is also good to know that you are also eligible if your partner works in the public sector and you do not. Note the small print, because the conditions are slightly less flexible in this situation.

Benefits of a civil servant loan

We are happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a government loan. The benefits at a glance:

  • No costs for advice (self-knowledge required)
  • No costs for mediation
  • No costs for closing
  • Also for pensioners
  • Low loan amount possible
  • Very low interest costs
  • Pay off without penalty

As you see above in the list of benefits, it is also possible to take out a cheap civil servant loan if you are already retired. It is then important that you are not older than 72 at the time of application.

It is also nice to have the opportunity to borrow a small amount. A loan from 500 euros is a option with various parties. The loan amount may amount to a maximum of 100,000 euros, depending of course on the provider.

Disadvantages of a civil servant loan

 Disadvantages of a civil servant loan

This loan form has many advantages, but nevertheless there are also a few disadvantages:

  • Stricter conditions for semi-civil servants
  • Conditions change when you lose your job
  • Non-officials are not eligible
  • Not possible with negative BKR registration
  • There is initially no financial advice

After receiving quotes, it is important that you read the terms and conditions of every lender thoroughly. This financial information leaflet gives you insight into the possibilities as a semi-official, or what happens if you lose your job.

Some parties also offer financial advice at additional costs. Do you need this? Then compare these costs with the consultancy costs of a third party (eg financial adviser for private individuals).

Stable and relatively high incomes in the Netherlands

The fact that civil servants are more reliable when it comes to paying back a loan is of course somewhere. Civil servants, for example, are usually very loyal to their employer and do not do ‘job hopping’ quickly.

Stable civil servant income is also relatively high in the Netherlands. Research has shown that Dutch civil servants enjoy one of the highest incomes in Europe.

This ensures that Matt Helmen is less at risk. Partly because of this Matt Helmen dare to lower interest costs. After all, the chance that the borrower will not repay the loan including costs is small.

Fortunately, the recession of a few years ago is over. The current growing economy and historically low interest rates also give civil servants extra confidence to borrow risk-free money.

Experience with a civil servant loan

 Experience with a civil servant loan

Government officials, provincial officials, municipal officials, education and healthcare officials regularly write about their experiences with this loan form. Their final assessment is valuable to read.

Just look in Google what others write about providers of civil servants. These customers are predominantly positive about the fast and professional support during the loan application.

It also emerges that it pays to take over a possible old loan. As a result, the interest may just be 1% or more per cent below the current standard of regular providers. So reading a review is definitely worth it.

To date, there have been no major complaints about government loans. The only complaints that are known are solely related to customer service that is lagging behind.

Test on the sum: calculating a civil servant credit

If you are a civil servant and you are interested, you only have one thing left to do: calculate a civil servant loan. You can do this within a few minutes on the website of one of the providers. You can also read current interest rates here.

You can choose between a personal loan, revolving credit or a combination of both. Do you want to know which type of loan suits you best? Then read all the ins and outs on this page about consumer credit.


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