Loan Flexible Features

Flexible Loan is a personal loan, which allows you to skip an installment or more and change the amount of those still to be paid. The maximum amount payable is 30000 euros, the maximum duration of the amortization period is 84 months, it is possible to skip the installment three times and the amount of the same installment can be changed three times with the addition of a Taeg increased by 1% starting from the seventh installment and no more than once in the calendar year. It is possible to change the installment amount upon request 40 days in advance and skip the installment upon request 15 days in advance.

Loan Flexible Features

This is not a loan with a fifth assignment and there is no penalty for early termination. The loan can be requested by those who receive an income from employment, self-employment or retirement; if the capital required with respect to the income received is insufficient it is possible to make a surety through a co-obligee with a demonstrable income that signs his signature. For example, a loan of 13,000 euros to be repaid in 72 installments will have an installment amount of 245 euros, a Tan of 10% and a Taeg of 11.45%, preliminary investigation costs of 228 euros.

Example of Flexible Loan

Example of Flexible Loan

Another example involves the payment of € 20,000, of which € 10,600 repayable in 60 months with installments of € 217, € 71, Tan of 7.95%, TAEG of 9.31%, total amount of credit of € 10,600, amount interest amounting to € 2462.6, stamp duty on a loan of € 16, tax on annual and final report of € 2 for amounts over € 77.47, monthly management fees of € 1.5, amount total for the consumer equal to 13,166.6 euros.

Personal Loan Features

Crediper Personal Loan is another of the loans for Bcc pensioners, it can provide for a maximum payment of 30000 euros to be repaid in 84 months, it can be requested at one of the counters of the Cooperative Credit Banks but not online, it can be requested by workers employees, both self-employed and retired since it is not a salary assignment. For example, in the case of a loan of 13,000 euros to be repaid in 72 installments, the Tan is 9.24% and the Taeg of 10.62%, while the preliminary fees are 228 euros.

Example of Personal Loan

Example of Personal Loan

Another example provides for a loan of 20000 euros, of which 9700 euros repayable in 60 months with installments of 204 euros, a fixed Tan of 9.56%, a Taeg of 10.45%, a total cost of interest equal to 2540 euros, a stamp duty of 16 euros, a tax on annual and end-of-service reports of 2 euros for amounts over 77.47 euros, a monthly management fee of 1.5 euros, a total amount of 12354 euros in offer until 30 June 2017.

Light features

Crediper Light does not provide for the activation or indication of the purpose of the loan, it is a small or medium-sized loan, it is a promotion to attract new customers, there are no preliminary costs that are not deducted from the disbursed capital; the maximum amount obtainable is 20000 euros and the minimum is 3000 euros, the Tan is 9.6%, the Taeg is 10.4%, there are small expenses to be incurred such as annual reporting costs of 2 euros, those of monthly management of 1.3 euros, stamp duties for the contract of 16 euros. For example, a loan of 10500 euros to be repaid in 60 months requires a monthly payment of 220 euros, management fees would amount to 184 euros a month but are not present in the contract. It is a loan aimed at employees, the self-employed, pensioners.

Loans for online pensioners

Loans for online pensioners

Loans for Bcc pensioners paid online can be estimated in the amount and installment already on the company’s website so that they can be aware of their feasibility. They are flexible loans, fast or small loans and loans consisting of a current account credit. There is no provision for a preliminary investigation fee and it is usually necessary to go to the branch to finalize the contract, except in the case of Crediper web which is totally online.

Web features

It is a personal loan that allows you to get up to 20000 euros starting from 1500 euros to be repaid in 84 maximum and 12 minimum installments, with a Tan starting at 7%; it can be requested from the computer or from the tablet, it is possible to estimate the most convenient rate with the simulator and credit the sum directly on the current account, the loan can be signed with the Digital Signature service and the information on the loan can be kept under control by updating the online data, receiving periodic communications and executing transaction operations through the Crediper reserved area and the temporary OTP (One Time password) code.

Example of web

For example a loan of 30000 euros, of which 7600 euros repayable in 60 months with installments of 150.03 euros, fixed Tan of 6.25%, Taeg of 7.68%, preliminary fees of 114 euros (in general can arrive to 1.5% of the disbursed capital with a ceiling of 150 euros), interest equal to 1287.8 euros, stamp duty on a loan of 16 euros, tax on annual and year-end report of 2 euros for amounts over 77 , 47 euros, practical management monthly expenditure of 1.5 euros, total amount paid by the consumer of 9115.8 euros. The offer is valid until 30 June 2017.

Another example of a loan

Another example of loans for Bcc pensioners is this: personal loan of 12500 euros to be repaid with a repayment plan of 72 monthly installments of 227 euros each, Tan fixed at 8.64%, Taeg at 9.97%, association with insurance “BCC Vita policy” to cover death, loss of employment and disability, education costs of 1.75% of the loan then 219 euros, stamp duty of 14.62 euros, practical management weight of 1.3 euro, annual reporting and termination fees of 1.81 euro, possibility of withdrawal from the contract within 14 days from the deadline by registered letter with return receipt.

Features of Small Loan

Regarding a further form of loans for Bcc pensioners, here is Crediper Small Loan , a solution for small and large projects that is quick and simple to repay in small monthly installments based on your needs. You can get from 1500 euros to 3000 euros to be reimbursed in 24 months, to request it just a document that certifies an income (from employee, self-employed, pension). An example is that of a request for 3000 euros, of which 2200 euros repayable in 24 months with installments of 101.47 euros, Tan of 9.96%, Taeg of 12.94%, interest equal to 235.28 euros, tax stamp duty on a loan of 16 euros, tax on annual and final report of 2 euros for amounts exceeding 77.47 euros, monthly management fee of 1.5 euros, total amount due by the consumer of 2489.28 euros; this offer will be valid until 30 June 2017.

Vip-Flex features

Crediper Vip-Flex is a flexible personal loan at promotional conditions that allows you to get from 3000 euros to 30000 euros reserved for all those who are Bcc customers for at least one year, to be repaid in a period of 12 to 100 months with a rate promos and three flexibility options: the installment jump, the installment change and the absence of penalties for early repayment. It is possible to activate the promotion which also provides a favorable fixed rate only until 26 May 2017.

Characteristics of Via Libera and Fido Loans

For those with disabilities, the Cooperative Credit provides a dedicated personal loan, Loan Via Libera, which allows you to request up to € 30000 to be repaid in 60 months, aimed at reducing architectural barriers or costs for the purchase of products to support disability. Interest rates are lower than the average market rates, advances can also be requested for contributions and government and municipal disability payments up to a total of € 9500. Those who instead hold a bank account can request a Fido through the granting of a credit line up to an amount of 3000 euros, which is paid directly to the current account and is repaid in monthly installments at a fixed and subsidized rate; it is enough to present a document that certifies the presence of a stable income, whether from an employee, self-employed or a pension.

Premium features

Crediper Premium is another personal loan with a promotional rate that guarantees up to 30000 euros to be repaid over a period of 12 to 100 months with maximum flexibility; it was further discounted until March 25, 2017 and included an extraction of Apple technology prizes such as the 32 GB iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2 series. It is certainly not exclusively intended for the elderly and cannot therefore be considered exclusively as one of the loans for pensioners of Bcc, however potentially they could also benefit from it. The installment change or the installment jump together with the early repayment without penalties also in this loan are guaranteed after a regular payment period at the beginning of the loan.


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