Does working abroad have a chance for a loan in Poland?

Currently, many Poles work abroad – in Germany, in England, in Ireland, in the Netherlands or in Norway. When you also work abroad and want to get a loan in Poland, you may have problems, but there are also ways to get around.

Most Poles working in other European countries earn much better than in their homeland. Sometimes these earnings are several times higher, which also gives new opportunities. Buying a car, building a house, going on an exotic trip – all this is available at your fingertips.

It would seem that greater creditworthiness, i.e. higher earnings, will translate into the possibility of taking a large loan. For a long time, banks and non-bank institutions in Poland accepted such clients with open hands, even if they lived in a different country on a daily basis. Now, however, the matter has become complicated.

Credit only in the currency in which we earn

With the introduction of the so-called recommendation S by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the provisions on granting loans have also changed. The main purpose of the recommendation was to prevent Poles from concluding contracts for currency loans in line with the principle that we should take a loan in the currency in which we earn.

At the same time, however, it caused problems for those people who earn in another country every day, but also continue to return to Poland. For example, when we would like to take out a mortgage to buy a flat or build a house, we can have some difficulties. This is due to the fact that banks currently do not offer so many foreign currency loans. These are mainly loans in euros, sometimes in US dollars or Swiss francs.

What about cash loans at the bank and loan companies?

Recommendation S applies to loans, ie products offered by banks. However, what is the situation on the loans market, which are offered both by banks and loan companies?

In general, the case is not too simple. Most loan companies and banks simply require the client to have a permanent registered address in Poland. Of course, when we are still registered in the country, then there is no problem, but we must also remember that sometimes it is not enough when we are seldom at home. It may happen that a loan company or a bank will require signing of documents brought by courier, and then it will not be possible to collect them.

Payment of installments in zlotys

Payment of installments in zlotys

Of course, we must also remember that if we do not apply for a currency loan, we will have to repay the installments in zlotys. Then definitely the best solution is to use the help of online money changers, which allow us to quickly exchange the currency without having to leave the house. We need two bank accounts – one foreign exchange and another one in gold – to transfer money to them and then repay installments.

To sum up, taking a loan when we live abroad will not be that easy unless it’s currency loans. On the other hand, loans are more easily available, but we will also be familiar with the conditions before submitting the application.


Buy New Installment Car: 5 Tips & Alternative

Is it difficult for you to purchase a new car? Fortunately, there are financing options that can come in handy for driving away from the car dealer with a good feeling. Buying an installment car is one of those options.

The disadvantage: if you can only pay a small amount each month, it can take a long time before you have paid off your car. By the time your car is fully paid off, it may be so old that you will not get it resold.

A popular alternative to payment is ‘private lease’ driving. You then drive a new car for a fixed amount per month, and if you are tired of the car, choose another.

Some car buying tips with payment

Some car buying tips with payment

As soon as you do not have enough budget yourself, you can still decide to buy a car on payment. There are a few rules and a procedure attached to this. Not all car dealers are the same and they use various regulations.

First of all you have to remember that borrowing money also costs money. This rule also applies to the purchase of an installment car. Below are some car buying tips when you want to buy with installment:

  • Make a household book and determine what you have left over each month
  • Determine your maximum extra monthly costs
  • Determine how long it takes before you can pay off
  • Discuss your new purchase with friends and family
  • Collect the necessary papers (recent payslip, driver’s license, proof of housing costs, etc.)

Once you have clarified the above issues, you can take the next step. Before you enter into a form of car financing, it is important that you are 100% sure that you will not have any financial problems in the near future. A negative BKR registration is far from welcome.

What are the payment costs?

What are the payment costs?

Car dealers can have different payment arrangements. Buying a car on installment means that you will be reimbursed the total price of the car over a period of a few months.

An additional interest rate is added. The payment period depends on the price of the car and your monthly amount of money.

Do you want to buy a new or second-hand car by installment? Then assume an average repayment term of approximately 60 months. The interest rate is thus between 10-20%. The APR then comes to around 5%.

A test at the BKR in Tiel is often a formality here; You can also request this yourself.

Do you want no bkr check to be done? Then you will end up with the less controlled dealers. Remember that the BKR is there to protect you from getting into financial trouble.

If you have an old car that you can pledge, this is an alternative to getting extra money.

Buy cheap car on installment without interest or deposit

Buy cheap car on installment without interest or deposit

Do you want to buy a cheap car on installment without interest or down payment, and that for a maximum total amount of 15,000 euros? Nowadays that is possible at various dealers.

It is then usually the case that you have to repay the total price of the car in its entirety after 12 months. The car dealer will also ask you to include your current car as collateral in the contract. This way you can even get on the road without taking out a loan. Always read the terms and conditions of the contract.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive the full payment, your old car will be taken and sold to cover the car loan. As soon as you are 100% sure that you will have enough budget in house in 12 months to be able to pay off the car, it may be worthwhile taking out this loan form.

There are enough dealers who do not require an advance or other form of down payment through this construction. If the monthly costs are a bit too high for you, you can consider a second-hand car. Your local garage in the neighborhood can offer a solution here.

If you are in doubt about the structure of this financing, you can consider choosing a private lease occasion. You never become the owner of the car yourself and have little to worry about repair costs or other concerns. In this form you can also drive a new car more easily.

Add extra money

If you are just a few hundred euros short of buying a car, you can consider taking out a mini loan. These can go up to 1500 euros nowadays and close that gap.

This min loan has a short term, so it is crucial that you have an income within a few months with which you can pay off the min loan.

A common scenario is when you have already passed your monthly salary at the end of the month. You can then spend this form of consumer credit in the last week without getting caught up.



Loan for civil servants: 15 Advantages and Disadvantages Highlighted

Are you an official or semi-official? Then you qualify for a government loan with an extra low interest rate. Research has shown that officials have their financial household in better order. This gives them a preferential arrangement with lower interest costs.

In the Netherlands you can take out a civil servant loan with Frisia, among others. This loan broker provides expert advice based on your personal financial situation, and can offer you an extra low interest rate as a civil servant.

If you make a request, you will hear within a few hours what options there are for you. If you make a choice from this, a no-obligation quote will follow via e-mail and / or post.

Who can apply for a civil servant loan?

 Who can apply for a civil servant loan?

More than 1 million civil servants work in the Netherlands. Because of the lower interest rates, a civil servant loan is interesting for these people. Due to the conditions, this loan is not for everyone alone.

In principle, only people working in the public sector can apply for this loan. Below is a list of people who are eligible for a civil servant loan.

These are people who work at:

  • The water board
  • The education
  • The municipality
  • Government
  • The province
  • The police
  • The care

It is also good to know that you are also eligible if your partner works in the public sector and you do not. Note the small print, because the conditions are slightly less flexible in this situation.

Benefits of a civil servant loan

We are happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a government loan. The benefits at a glance:

  • No costs for advice (self-knowledge required)
  • No costs for mediation
  • No costs for closing
  • Also for pensioners
  • Low loan amount possible
  • Very low interest costs
  • Pay off without penalty

As you see above in the list of benefits, it is also possible to take out a cheap civil servant loan if you are already retired. It is then important that you are not older than 72 at the time of application.

It is also nice to have the opportunity to borrow a small amount. A loan from 500 euros is a option with various parties. The loan amount may amount to a maximum of 100,000 euros, depending of course on the provider.

Disadvantages of a civil servant loan

 Disadvantages of a civil servant loan

This loan form has many advantages, but nevertheless there are also a few disadvantages:

  • Stricter conditions for semi-civil servants
  • Conditions change when you lose your job
  • Non-officials are not eligible
  • Not possible with negative BKR registration
  • There is initially no financial advice

After receiving quotes, it is important that you read the terms and conditions of every lender thoroughly. This financial information leaflet gives you insight into the possibilities as a semi-official, or what happens if you lose your job.

Some parties also offer financial advice at additional costs. Do you need this? Then compare these costs with the consultancy costs of a third party (eg financial adviser for private individuals).

Stable and relatively high incomes in the Netherlands

The fact that civil servants are more reliable when it comes to paying back a loan is of course somewhere. Civil servants, for example, are usually very loyal to their employer and do not do ‘job hopping’ quickly.

Stable civil servant income is also relatively high in the Netherlands. Research has shown that Dutch civil servants enjoy one of the highest incomes in Europe.

This ensures that Matt Helmen is less at risk. Partly because of this Matt Helmen dare to lower interest costs. After all, the chance that the borrower will not repay the loan including costs is small.

Fortunately, the recession of a few years ago is over. The current growing economy and historically low interest rates also give civil servants extra confidence to borrow risk-free money.

Experience with a civil servant loan

 Experience with a civil servant loan

Government officials, provincial officials, municipal officials, education and healthcare officials regularly write about their experiences with this loan form. Their final assessment is valuable to read.

Just look in Google what others write about providers of civil servants. These customers are predominantly positive about the fast and professional support during the loan application.

It also emerges that it pays to take over a possible old loan. As a result, the interest may just be 1% or more per cent below the current standard of regular providers. So reading a review is definitely worth it.

To date, there have been no major complaints about government loans. The only complaints that are known are solely related to customer service that is lagging behind.

Test on the sum: calculating a civil servant credit

If you are a civil servant and you are interested, you only have one thing left to do: calculate a civil servant loan. You can do this within a few minutes on the website of one of the providers. You can also read current interest rates here.

You can choose between a personal loan, revolving credit or a combination of both. Do you want to know which type of loan suits you best? Then read all the ins and outs on this page about consumer credit.



Simulation of the zero interest loan plus 2019: immediate estimate!

2019 simulation: what is PTZ +?

The Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) is a state-assisted loan.

It is a 0% real estate loan, free of charge and without interest, allocated under means conditions, depending on the nature of the property and its location.

It is open to first-time buyers, ie people who have not owned their principal residence in the two years preceding the loan offer.

Find on our dedicated page all the information about PTZ +

PTZ 2019 conditions: who is entitled to a zero interest loan?


To qualify for the zero-rated mortgage , your resources must not exceed a certain amount , which depends on the composition of your home, as well as where you want to buy.

Our PTZ simulator takes this data into account to give you the amount you have the right to borrow with this credit.

Housing intended to be purchased with the support of zero-rated housing credit may be new or old with work. It must become your main home no later than 1 year after the completion of the work, or after the purchase.

Good to know

Considered as a personal contribution, the PTZ can not be used to finance your entire purchase. It is used in supplementary loan to a main bank loan.

How to get the loan at zero rate?

To obtain a zero interest loan, you can go to a mortgage broker. You will be able to know if you are entitled or not to a PTZ, according to your resources, your solvency, and your guarantees. He will guide you to a bank that has signed an agreement with the State.

Good to know

If you sell your home to buy another home, you have the option to transfer your loan at zero rate. The transfer will then relate only to the outstanding capital. Again, do not hesitate to use the services of a broker, who can help you choose the best option to carry your project.

2019 PTZ Simulation: How to use our calculator?


To carry out your zero interest rate + 2019 simulation, you must indicate several elements relating to:

  • Your situation: your annual tax income and the composition of your home.
  • Your project: the nature of your purchase, price, location, your contribution as well as the amount of work if you want to achieve.

Our PTZ calculator will then tell you how much you will be able to borrow via this device if you are eligible for the zero interest mortgage.

Simulation of the zero interest loan 2019: ceiling of the operation retained

Simulation of the zero interest loan 2019: ceiling of the operation retained

Depending on the area in which the property you want to buy is located, a certain ceiling is retained, on which the amount of the PTZ will be calculated.

FYI, for the calculation of the PTZ 2019, the zones are as follows:

  • Zone PTZ A and A bis: Paris and its suburbs
  • PTZ zone B1: large French cities (> 250 000 inhabitants), some coastal towns and Corsica, the DOM
  • Zone PTZ B2: municipalities between 50 000 and 250 000 inhabitants
  • PTZ zone C: rest of the territory.

Calculation of the zero rate loan: how to complete your PTZ + to buy?

Zero-rate real estate credit can not be used alone to buy real estate. It must therefore be supplemented by other loans, and / or by a personal contribution.

Here are the types of loans that can complement the zero-rated mortgage:

  • Social Accession Loan (PAS): offered by some banks that have signed an agreement with the State, it allows families with low incomes to access property.
  • Contracted Loan (PC): It works in the same way as SAP, and can finance the entire purchase or construction of your home.
  • Classic bank credit.
  • Housing Savings Loan (PEL): this is a type of savings that can be used to obtain a loan at a preferred rate.
  • Other supplementary loans: housing loans, loans from “local authorities”, loans to civil servants, loans from supplementary pension funds and mutual funds, etc.

Mortgage Loan: the solution for your cash flow needs

(1) The decrease in the amount of the monthly installments assumes an extension of the repayment term and an increase in the total cost of one or more loans subject to the combination.

For reasons of confidentiality, the identities have been modified


Before the loan consolidation operation, the total monthly payments of the 3 credits subscribed by Fabrice P. amounted to € 1,265.93. The sum of the total costs until the end of their credits would amount to 48 120.76 €. The loan consolidation transaction presented above is carried out by means of a loan buyback, secured by a mortgage, at a fixed interest rate of 5.20% or 96 monthly payments of € 693.33 over a period of 96 month. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 6.4103%, excluding insurance. All costs related to the transaction are included in accordance with article L313-1 and following, including our intermediation fees and the expenses of files, except insurance. The total cost of the credit (interest + expenses, excluding insurance) is 226 559.68 €. Conditions applicable to loans to individuals, in force on 17/05/2018 (subject to change).

Loan granted 


Borrower insurance will be requested for the loan. Guaranteed events and conditions are included in the contracts. The borrower can subscribe to the insurer of his choice an insurance in the conditions fixed by the article L 312-9 of the code of the consumption, provided that it presents a level of guarantee equivalent to the insurance contract proposed by the lender. The various insurance contracts may be distributed by Dorothy, an insurance broker registered with ORIAS.

The borrower has a cooling off period of 10 days upon receipt of the offer. If the sale is conditional on obtaining a loan and the loan is not obtained, the seller must repay the sums paid. Credit granted subject to study and acceptance of the file by the lender, and subject to the registration of mortgage guarantees.


Are loans to protested without pay checks possible?

Can I get loans to protesters without payroll ?

get loans

It is very difficult, even though in recent years banks have begun to think of solutions even for this category of bad payers. First of all, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by protest: these are the persons reported in the computerized register of protests for not having honored the payment of a check, a bill of exchange or a postal order. The report lasts 5 years and in this period the user will be considered a bad payer : since the banks always check the credit history of those requesting a loan, being protested means having much more difficulty in obtaining a loan.

Usually, the solution proposed to the protesters is the assignment of a fifth of the salary or pension, that is a monthly payment equal to a deduction of 20% on one’s income of the month. It is clear, however, that this solution is suitable for employees (and pensioners) who can exhibit a pay slip, even if protested. The situation of the self- employed is already more difficult, since they cannot present a stable income, they must deliver their annual tax return and do not benefit from the sale of the fifth. They will be asked for additional guarantees, such as the signature of a guarantor .

For protesters without pay checks, there do not seem to be many possibilities to obtain a loan


not only are they reported as bad payers, but they cannot even present a stable pay slip. However, there are some limited solutions also for this category of credit users. In these cases, the banks will ask for additional specific guarantees : among these the first possibility is to use a pension as a guarantee for repayment of the loan.

Another opportunity is that of the surety , which, through the signature of a third party guarantor, ensures the bank the possibility of referring to the latter in the event of failure to pay installments. Finally, if the protestor is the owner of a property, it is always possible to propose the mortgage of that house, so as to reassure the bank with the availability of certain assets.

So, can loans be obtained for protesters without a pay slip?


Certainly there are opportunities, but it is likely that we will need to go to more than one credit institution, looking for the one that will ask for the most accessible guarantees for people in financial difficulty. 


How to get fast finance?

One of the most common requests of those who need liquidity is to obtain a quick loan within a few days or, in some cases, a few hours. But how to get fast finance?

There are a whole series of precautions to take into consideration, provided that we have the characteristics of financeability, for the practice to be successful, to obtain fast loans . Here are our tips.

The choice of the financial company

financial money

Not all financial companies have the same time frame for evaluating and providing the file. When requesting funding it is very important to inquire about the timing by asking for precise information.

The request for funding

funding money,cash

It is also important to quickly provide all the documentation that the provider requires in order to present a quote.
In general, the documents are: the last pay slip, the cud model or model 730 for the self-employed, and the personal identification documents. In case of approval, additional documents will be requested (such as salary certificates, service certificates …)

The information to be provided to the financial company

In order not to waste time with checks and investigations and obtain the loan immediately , it is always good to declare your real credit status to the financial company in order to get the best advice on which is the best way to obtain rapid financing.
In the event that an applicant has been entered in the bad paying or protested registers, he will in no case be able to obtain a personal loan. Precisely in this case, a few days could be lost if the institution is not correctly informed (which in any case realizes it due to the mandatory checks in the databases and risk control centers). The right alternative is to proceed directly (in the case of employees) with a fifth assignment transaction or fiduciary loan (only bad payers)

Don’t initiate practices with multiple financials at the same time
The institutes would realize, following the normal checks, of this situation and could immediately block the process (since they do not know the actual state of progress of the practice at the other institutes)
It is possible (indeed a duty) to evaluate several quotes but choose to proceed only with a single institution .


Loan Flexible Features

Flexible Loan is a personal loan, which allows you to skip an installment or more and change the amount of those still to be paid. The maximum amount payable is 30000 euros, the maximum duration of the amortization period is 84 months, it is possible to skip the installment three times and the amount of the same installment can be changed three times with the addition of a Taeg increased by 1% starting from the seventh installment and no more than once in the calendar year. It is possible to change the installment amount upon request 40 days in advance and skip the installment upon request 15 days in advance.

Loan Flexible Features

This is not a loan with a fifth assignment and there is no penalty for early termination. The loan can be requested by those who receive an income from employment, self-employment or retirement; if the capital required with respect to the income received is insufficient it is possible to make a surety through a co-obligee with a demonstrable income that signs his signature. For example, a loan of 13,000 euros to be repaid in 72 installments will have an installment amount of 245 euros, a Tan of 10% and a Taeg of 11.45%, preliminary investigation costs of 228 euros.

Example of Flexible Loan

Example of Flexible Loan

Another example involves the payment of € 20,000, of which € 10,600 repayable in 60 months with installments of € 217, € 71, Tan of 7.95%, TAEG of 9.31%, total amount of credit of € 10,600, amount interest amounting to € 2462.6, stamp duty on a loan of € 16, tax on annual and final report of € 2 for amounts over € 77.47, monthly management fees of € 1.5, amount total for the consumer equal to 13,166.6 euros.

Personal Loan Features

Crediper Personal Loan is another of the loans for Bcc pensioners, it can provide for a maximum payment of 30000 euros to be repaid in 84 months, it can be requested at one of the counters of the Cooperative Credit Banks but not online, it can be requested by workers employees, both self-employed and retired since it is not a salary assignment. For example, in the case of a loan of 13,000 euros to be repaid in 72 installments, the Tan is 9.24% and the Taeg of 10.62%, while the preliminary fees are 228 euros.

Example of Personal Loan

Example of Personal Loan

Another example provides for a loan of 20000 euros, of which 9700 euros repayable in 60 months with installments of 204 euros, a fixed Tan of 9.56%, a Taeg of 10.45%, a total cost of interest equal to 2540 euros, a stamp duty of 16 euros, a tax on annual and end-of-service reports of 2 euros for amounts over 77.47 euros, a monthly management fee of 1.5 euros, a total amount of 12354 euros in offer until 30 June 2017.

Light features

Crediper Light does not provide for the activation or indication of the purpose of the loan, it is a small or medium-sized loan, it is a promotion to attract new customers, there are no preliminary costs that are not deducted from the disbursed capital; the maximum amount obtainable is 20000 euros and the minimum is 3000 euros, the Tan is 9.6%, the Taeg is 10.4%, there are small expenses to be incurred such as annual reporting costs of 2 euros, those of monthly management of 1.3 euros, stamp duties for the contract of 16 euros. For example, a loan of 10500 euros to be repaid in 60 months requires a monthly payment of 220 euros, management fees would amount to 184 euros a month but are not present in the contract. It is a loan aimed at employees, the self-employed, pensioners.

Loans for online pensioners

Loans for online pensioners

Loans for Bcc pensioners paid online can be estimated in the amount and installment already on the company’s website so that they can be aware of their feasibility. They are flexible loans, fast or small loans and loans consisting of a current account credit. There is no provision for a preliminary investigation fee and it is usually necessary to go to the branch to finalize the contract, except in the case of Crediper web which is totally online.

Web features

It is a personal loan that allows you to get up to 20000 euros starting from 1500 euros to be repaid in 84 maximum and 12 minimum installments, with a Tan starting at 7%; it can be requested from the computer or from the tablet, it is possible to estimate the most convenient rate with the simulator and credit the sum directly on the current account, the loan can be signed with the Digital Signature service and the information on the loan can be kept under control by updating the online data, receiving periodic communications and executing transaction operations through the Crediper reserved area and the temporary OTP (One Time password) code.

Example of web

For example a loan of 30000 euros, of which 7600 euros repayable in 60 months with installments of 150.03 euros, fixed Tan of 6.25%, Taeg of 7.68%, preliminary fees of 114 euros (in general can arrive to 1.5% of the disbursed capital with a ceiling of 150 euros), interest equal to 1287.8 euros, stamp duty on a loan of 16 euros, tax on annual and year-end report of 2 euros for amounts over 77 , 47 euros, practical management monthly expenditure of 1.5 euros, total amount paid by the consumer of 9115.8 euros. The offer is valid until 30 June 2017.

Another example of a loan

Another example of loans for Bcc pensioners is this: personal loan of 12500 euros to be repaid with a repayment plan of 72 monthly installments of 227 euros each, Tan fixed at 8.64%, Taeg at 9.97%, association with insurance “BCC Vita policy” to cover death, loss of employment and disability, education costs of 1.75% of the loan then 219 euros, stamp duty of 14.62 euros, practical management weight of 1.3 euro, annual reporting and termination fees of 1.81 euro, possibility of withdrawal from the contract within 14 days from the deadline by registered letter with return receipt.

Features of Small Loan

Regarding a further form of loans for Bcc pensioners, here is Crediper Small Loan , a solution for small and large projects that is quick and simple to repay in small monthly installments based on your needs. You can get from 1500 euros to 3000 euros to be reimbursed in 24 months, to request it just a document that certifies an income (from employee, self-employed, pension). An example is that of a request for 3000 euros, of which 2200 euros repayable in 24 months with installments of 101.47 euros, Tan of 9.96%, Taeg of 12.94%, interest equal to 235.28 euros, tax stamp duty on a loan of 16 euros, tax on annual and final report of 2 euros for amounts exceeding 77.47 euros, monthly management fee of 1.5 euros, total amount due by the consumer of 2489.28 euros; this offer will be valid until 30 June 2017.

Vip-Flex features

Crediper Vip-Flex is a flexible personal loan at promotional conditions that allows you to get from 3000 euros to 30000 euros reserved for all those who are Bcc customers for at least one year, to be repaid in a period of 12 to 100 months with a rate promos and three flexibility options: the installment jump, the installment change and the absence of penalties for early repayment. It is possible to activate the promotion which also provides a favorable fixed rate only until 26 May 2017.

Characteristics of Via Libera and Fido Loans

For those with disabilities, the Cooperative Credit provides a dedicated personal loan, Loan Via Libera, which allows you to request up to € 30000 to be repaid in 60 months, aimed at reducing architectural barriers or costs for the purchase of products to support disability. Interest rates are lower than the average market rates, advances can also be requested for contributions and government and municipal disability payments up to a total of € 9500. Those who instead hold a bank account can request a Fido through the granting of a credit line up to an amount of 3000 euros, which is paid directly to the current account and is repaid in monthly installments at a fixed and subsidized rate; it is enough to present a document that certifies the presence of a stable income, whether from an employee, self-employed or a pension.

Premium features

Crediper Premium is another personal loan with a promotional rate that guarantees up to 30000 euros to be repaid over a period of 12 to 100 months with maximum flexibility; it was further discounted until March 25, 2017 and included an extraction of Apple technology prizes such as the 32 GB iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2 series. It is certainly not exclusively intended for the elderly and cannot therefore be considered exclusively as one of the loans for pensioners of Bcc, however potentially they could also benefit from it. The installment change or the installment jump together with the early repayment without penalties also in this loan are guaranteed after a regular payment period at the beginning of the loan.



Pay loan: Office loan

The PostePay loan allows you to receive the loan directly on your PostePay Evolution card, on which the repayment installments will also be charged. This is an important simplification for those in possession of this card issued by Poste Italiane , one of the many services that the group now provides in the financial and credit area, as evidenced by the long list of other loans of Poste Italiane. The peculiarities of the PostePay loans consist precisely in the ease with which one can receive the loan on the card and the repayment terms.

The one commonly known as a loan is actually called Mini loan


which can guarantee the applicant up to 3,000 euros, repayable in 22 months. The duration of the loan is always the same, regardless of the amount obtained: even if you receive a lower amount, like 1,000 or 2,000 euros, the final repayment deadline will still be after 22 months.

To be able to apply for this funding

funding money,cash

you must have a PostePay Evolution card and be between 18 and 70 years old. You need to contact one of the Poste Italiane branches and present some documents, such as identification and health card, as well as a document that certifies your income. The loan is also open to foreign citizens, who must however deliver the residence permit and passport. They must then demonstrate that they have been resident in Italy for 36 months and have been working for at least 1 year.

How does the loan then work?

Regarding the timing of disbursement , these depend on the completion of the preliminary investigation procedures by Poste Italiane. However, the peculiarity of this small loan is its provision directly on the applicant’s PostePay Evolution card: the latter therefore does not have to have an account, but only needs this Poste Italiane card. Furthermore, the repayment of monthly installments will also be simpler, since it will take place through an automatic debit on the card.

Despite all these simplifications, the PostePay loan can also be refused without the required requirements. For example, like almost all loans, an unstable income situation is an element that can push the institution that provides the loan, in this case Poste Italiane, to avoid that customer, who could have problems repaying the capital.