Are loans to protested without pay checks possible?

Can I get loans to protesters without payroll ?

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It is very difficult, even though in recent years banks have begun to think of solutions even for this category of bad payers. First of all, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by protest: these are the persons reported in the computerized register of protests for not having honored the payment of a check, a bill of exchange or a postal order. The report lasts 5 years and in this period the user will be considered a bad payer : since the banks always check the credit history of those requesting a loan, being protested means having much more difficulty in obtaining a loan.

Usually, the solution proposed to the protesters is the assignment of a fifth of the salary or pension, that is a monthly payment equal to a deduction of 20% on one’s income of the month. It is clear, however, that this solution is suitable for employees (and pensioners) who can exhibit a pay slip, even if protested. The situation of the self- employed is already more difficult, since they cannot present a stable income, they must deliver their annual tax return and do not benefit from the sale of the fifth. They will be asked for additional guarantees, such as the signature of a guarantor .

For protesters without pay checks, there do not seem to be many possibilities to obtain a loan


not only are they reported as bad payers, but they cannot even present a stable pay slip. However, there are some limited solutions also for this category of credit users. In these cases, the banks will ask for additional specific guarantees : among these the first possibility is to use a pension as a guarantee for repayment of the loan.

Another opportunity is that of the surety , which, through the signature of a third party guarantor, ensures the bank the possibility of referring to the latter in the event of failure to pay installments. Finally, if the protestor is the owner of a property, it is always possible to propose the mortgage of that house, so as to reassure the bank with the availability of certain assets.

So, can loans be obtained for protesters without a pay slip?


Certainly there are opportunities, but it is likely that we will need to go to more than one credit institution, looking for the one that will ask for the most accessible guarantees for people in financial difficulty. 

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