Month: March 2019

Simulation of the zero interest loan plus 2019: immediate estimate!

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2019 simulation: what is PTZ +? The Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) is a state-assisted loan. It is a 0% real estate loan, free of charge and without interest, allocated under means conditions, depending on the nature of the property and its location. It is open to first-time buyers, ie people who have not owned their […]

Mortgage Loan: the solution for your cash flow needs

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(1) The decrease in the amount of the monthly installments assumes an extension of the repayment term and an increase in the total cost of one or more loans subject to the combination. For reasons of confidentiality, the identities have been modified Before the loan consolidation operation, the total monthly payments of the 3 credits […]

Are loans to protested without pay checks possible?

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Can I get loans to protesters without payroll ? It is very difficult, even though in recent years banks have begun to think of solutions even for this category of bad payers. First of all, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by protest: these are the persons reported in the computerized register of […]

How to get fast finance?

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One of the most common requests of those who need liquidity is to obtain a quick loan within a few days or, in some cases, a few hours. But how to get fast finance? There are a whole series of precautions to take into consideration, provided that we have the characteristics of financeability, for the […]

Loan Flexible Features

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Flexible Loan is a personal loan, which allows you to skip an installment or more and change the amount of those still to be paid. The maximum amount payable is 30000 euros, the maximum duration of the amortization period is 84 months, it is possible to skip the installment three times and the amount of […]